University of Tartu

UTARTU is founded in 1632 and is the oldest, largest and the only classical university in Estonia with more than 16,000 students, 1,800 academic staff members. UTARTU is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training and belongs to the top 1% of the world's most-cited universities and research institutions in the fields of Clinical Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics (ISI Web of Science). Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine is the largest institute at the Faculty of Medicine and has tight connections with Tartu University Clinics. The research areas include biomedicine, immunology, neurology, microbiology, human genetics, nano-medicine and translational medicine. Among university’s institutions, UTARTU also administers Estonian Genome Center (EGC) and a population-based biobank with more than 150K gene donors and the Core Facility that is dedicated to providing genotyping and sequencing services with state-of-the-art Illumina technology.

Role within BIOMAP

Within BIOMAP, our team will perform epigenetic characterization of disease-associated cell subset at both chromatin and DNA level using on-site collected and sorted blood cells. In addition, we contribute with patient samples and datasets as well as knowledge of molecular immunology, epigenetics, non-coding RNAs and disease mechanisms.

Main Contacts

Photo of Dr Ana Rebane
Dr Ana Rebane
Group Leader of RNA Biology research group, Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, BIOMAP Principle Investigator
Photo of Prof. Kai Kisand
Prof. Kai Kisand
Research Professor of Cellular Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, BIOMAP main team member
Photo of Prof. Külli Kingo
Prof. Külli Kingo
Head of the Department of Dermatology and Dermatology Clinic, BIOMAP main team member