BIOMAP aims to shed new light on the underlying causes of AD and Pso as well as the genetic and environmental factors that influence how a patient's disease will progress and how well they will respond to a given treatment.

BIOMAP is establishing a pan-European BioResource for research in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis through alignment of clinical data with archived and newly obtained biospecimens for molecular profiling.

BIOMAP collects data from over 60 different clinical and epidemiological studies, registries and trials and studying in depth data and samples from more than 50,000 patients as well as healthy individuals.

BIOMAP is analyzing the largest collection of AD and Pso patients data from more than 50,000 patients using advanced molecular techniques and newly developed tools in bioinformatics to identify biomarkers responsible for variations in disease outcome.

Ultimately, BIOMAP hopes to identify new sub-types of the diseases that will allow clinicians and patients to make better and more precise treatment decisions.

Clinical Glossary

In a consortium-wide effort BIOMAP has defined the BIOMAP Glossary, a common controlled terminology and standard data structure that will be used to store clinical data in harmonised form.

The BIOMAP Glossary has been published open access and is continuously being used to harmonize BIOMAP datasets and to support collaborative research outside BIOMAP.

The creation of the BIOMAP Glossary marked a key milestone for the project and was a critical step towards cross-cohort analysis.

Using a common language and data structure to harmonise clinical information across individual cohorts will allow analyses to draw on larger patient populations from diverse backgrounds and increase the statistical power to identify and validate biomarkers in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Data Harmonisation

With the Glossary complete, BIOMAP is now working on the harmonisation of the individual cohort datasets, which entails using the common controlled terminology and applying a standardised structure to the data as defined in the BIOMAP Glossary.

This is not only the foundation of BIOMAP but also adds significant value to the individual diverse cohorts as they become aligned and comparable.

BIOMAP Data Platform

The BIOMAP data platform is a central landing page that provides easy access to various tools and services of the BIOMAP data and computing platform.

Our data portal is providing an easy and robust interface for the input of new clinical and molecular data. Researchers will be able to perform cross-study comparisons; slice and dice the cohorts based on certain clinical features and run in-built workflows.

Launch the Data Portal here: