Successful BIOMAP Executive Management Team meeting in London

On 20th of November 2019, the Executive Management Team of BIOMAP met for its second face-to-face meeting hosted by King´s College at the premises of Guy´s Hospital in London. The members of the Managing Board presented updates on their work progress as well as the next steps in each of the work packages. This time, the Patient Board jointed the meeting and had a lively exchange with the Executive Management Team on how to intensify their collaboration.

The meeting day ended with discussions about the overall status, challenges and next steps of the project. During the entire meeting, there was a lively interaction between all participants and especially with the patient representatives, which, we believe, bring us another step closer to our overall vision of implementing a ‘patient-centric’ approach in how we seek to improve patient outcomes and providing further research evidence about psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.