BIOMAP at the International Symposium on “Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside”

On February 17-18, 2020 key researchers of BIOMAP such as our Coordinator Stephan Weidinger, Andre Franke and Philip Rosenstiel actively participated in the international symposium on “Inflammation Medicine – From Bench to Bedside” in Hamburg, Germany. The Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” started in a new period funded through the German Excellence Strategy (DFG). Its goal is to establish precision medicine in inflammation medicine by translating interdisciplinary research findings on chronic inflammatory diseases to clinical use.

The symposium was attended by a broad diversity of scientists in the field of inflammation research and precision medicine. In focused plenary sessions and parallel workshops several aspects of precision medicine, ranging from high resolution imaging to genetics, from the microbiome as a target to prediction medicine have been discussed. The BIOMAP researchers gave lectures and led workshops on topics such as genetics and disease behaviour, multi-omics approaches to detect biomarkers or treatment strategies targeting the microbiome. A total of 250 researchers and clinicians from Europe and the US attended the symposium, which featured outstanding speakers such as Emma Guttmann (Mount Sinai Hospital New York), David Klatzmann (Sorbonne University Paris), Carl Anderson (Sanger Institute) and Alison Simmons (University of Oxford).